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What, you think we're kidding? Where's our land? You won't give us our rights, how about we find a way to TAKE them? Let's find our land! Let's find our state of mind! Let's make our way in the world with our own Bill of Rights, our own Constitution, our own Declaration of Independence...because in our documents of civil liberty, you better damn well believe TOLERANCE will be written into the bylaws, and maybe even carved in STONE!

Who's with me? Maybe this is the start of the double-snap heard 'round the world.

Please feel free to suggest interests; this is a community, a growth spurt, a revolution-in-progress, after all.

This is a comprehensive listing of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered organizations around the world, if you want to know more, or want to protest to someone, or want to know how to get active in your area.
And here's how to get in touch with the Marriage Center Task Force. This link leads directly to the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, if you want advice, information or where to turn next for civil and legal issues.

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network exists to preserve Gaymerican rights while in active duty in the military; they maintain a list of other GLBT/gay & lesbian military organizations I'm linking here. On that list is found the American Veterans for Equal Rights.

The Officers of Avalon, a group of police and emergency pagan personnel, are fundraising for areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. Donate if you can--their efforts go towards helping all people in need, not just white straight Christians.

There's also a Netherlands clearinghouse site for gay issues nationwide. And how about the Wikipedia entry for the Stonewall Riots?

Remember, shop Gaymerican.

(thanks, sparklebutch)

This isn't an official affiliation. It's just a liking for this particular comm. Go join if you care to.


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